Sticky: Masterlist of Fic (sorta)

Yeah, no, because I'm too lazy to make one, sorry about that.

Simplest thing is to check out my AO3, here.  There's a mix of art and fic and podfic. The art is all tagged digital art and  I'm working on tagging all the fic as fanfiction. The podfic's tagged podfic, surprisingly.
By the way, I'm happy for any of my works to be transformed in any way, as long as you link back to my original work.

Black Helicopters series — looking for Black Hole Son — found!

Hi  — I'm doing a "definitive as it can be" rec for the whole series on  stargateficrec on DW, and have realized I don't have one of the last  short fics "Black Hole Son". Here's the LJ link:  https://whizzy.livejournal.com/645998.html  — it goes to a locked gdoc, unfortunately. Did anyone ever download the  gdoc of "Black Hole Son" back in the day, who could send me a copy?  TIA. 


International poetry day at home

As ever I'm a day late if not a dollar short - hey, I'm in a different timezone. We're fast down here in New Zealand! So I'm pretending it's still International Poetry Day where I am.

I've been musing about this for a while, unsure what to do. I fell headlong into fandom 8 years ago, but before that I had a poetry writing jag, the second major one since my teens. Being in love with fandom put paid to that of course. I was doing a lot of trips to Aussie at the time, and I used to scribble the poems on the back of airline sick bags (the Air NZ ones were a nice plain white). I collated my "midlife" poems into a decidedly slim volume and gave it to friends and family back then, but I haven't done much else, except sometimes writing fannish poems or incorporating poems in fanfic. But I think I'll post the ones I like best here, occasionally, and I might set up a new AO3 account for them - I'd rather keep my original stuff and fannish stuff separate over there. Anyone know if it's still seen as okay to post original works to AO3? I vaguely recall a rumour that maybe the policy on that might toughen up. I don't expect anyone will read them, but it's an archive. I'd just like to archive them. 

So, here goes. Many of them are a bit gloomy, but here's a lighter one. Sadly, still oh so true, although these days more from failure to get rid of stuff than ongoing accumulation. 

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Writing, Possum, and fandom invades RL

Last week was pretty grueling, with a massive exam I had to write, involving an all-nighter. I'm way too old for all-nighters, well, except that my sleep pattern's so muntered I often do stay up most of the night. It's the all-dayers after the all-nighters that do me in. Having emerged somewhat scathed from a few days of sleep deprivation, leaving me with a 2-day headache and annoying tinnitus, I'm now trying to muster the creative juices this weekend and attack my SGA-Reversebang story (a largely gen Ronon and Radek friendship fic). Managed a detailed outline today anyway, so that's something. Other projects on the go are my Ante Up Losers fic (suburban crack), and my story for the Captain America Reverse Big Bang - a fantasy AU, and my first ever fic in that fandom, so wish me luck. :)

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A proverb riddle, musing about fusions, and fic recs

Here's a proverb riddle - which proverb has changed its meaning over the ages to now mean the exact opposite of what it initially did? Answer at the end of this post . . . :)
I'd also been pulling together some ideas and recs about fusion-tropes for a while, and coincidentally, [personal profile] esteefee  posted about one of them on tumblr

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And so to bed . . .

Art Calendar finished

Work's been a bit hellish this week, so I got the art calendar posted to AO3 in time for Romancing McShep, and forgot to do a final post here. Click for full size pic.

AO3 post is here

It was an interesting project, but not one I'll repeat. I'm too impatient and I work on an artwork obsessively until it's done, so rationing out the task to a small bit each day just frustrates me. But, fun to have tried it.


Back home and pottering

Here's the penultimate posting of the art calendar - one more update to go on the 28th.

Possum was delighted to see me and seems none the worse. I'm somewhat the worse however for my Melbourne trip, having managed to pull a calf muscle.  Melbourne airport was like an inner circle of hell with the endless queuing and shuffle-standing - my lower back disliked it intensely. And joy of joys, a few days after braving the general populace, I've got a streaming head cold. Bleh. 

I was going to say, flist! (or dwircle!) - why did no one tell me that DW now has image hosting? Then I discovered that a) you can't post the images anywhere except to DW or a very similar journal where you've set up crossposting, like LJ, and b) there's no way to sort your images into folders or via tabs. So it's effectively useless for organising and posting fanart. Denise says they're developing a folder or tagging system as phase 2, but that DW doesn't have the bandwidth to allow free-for-all posting to the internet, e.g. to AO3, although they'll see once they've analysed the usage of the new hosting service. I suspect best not to hold your breath. So, still posting new stuff to Mediafire, and thinking about moving my old stuff across there from LJ. 

I had some other thoughts, but, streaming head cold. Will save them for next time. 

Art calendar update, and other stuff

Aaand another update on the art calendar. I'm spreading them out a bit as I'm off to Melbourne for a few days from tomorrow. Three days of meetings, joy. Have to get a dawn flight and what with how late I always get to bed, there's no point trying to sleep at all, really. Maybe on the plane.

I posted a not very SFW naked cuddling piece of art as another thing for Romancing McShep, A Room With A View. The summary's not massively romantic I guess, but there's a lot of tenderness in their poses, and given a choice between sappiness and humor, trust me to go with humor.

I was looking for [personal profile] trinityofone's SGA fics on the Wayback Machine as I'm sure I used to have that link bookmarked but couldn't locate it. But the only snapshot on Wayback that functions at all has hardly any working links when you click through. Does anyone out there have a better URL for all the rest of Trin's fics that aren't on AO3? Neither of the fic-finding comms on LJ really work for asking about all of an author's work. It's not really a genre. 

Art Calendar Update

Well, this is a series of ready-made reasons to post, at least! Plus, lots of fun even if it is difficult to restrain myself and only do a little each day.
Here's the past 3 days of art squares completed, so up to day 9. I think you can see where it's going now *grin*. It'll be a Romancing McShep entry for me as they're taking those from 14th through to 28th February.

I suddenly got bitten by a plot bunny and belted out 700 words of my Ante Up Losers fic, which was upcheering. Of course, in the to do list it's not at the top so that's another well-constructed schedule down the gurgler. Only a few thousand more words to go, sigh. It's supposed to be humor, so we'll see how that goes. 

Off to Melbourne for work meetings next week which I'm not looking forward to. I'm hoping Possum will be okay with my cat feeder coming in each day with fresh food, but that's another reason I don't want to go. The agenda is: no sleep, drive to airport before dawn, catch red-eye after endless walking through airports built for an alien race of giants, tedious queuing and walking at Melbourne end despite only having hand-luggage, 3 days of moderately dull meetings but nice to see a few acquaintances, a chance to catch up with latest movies in the hotel though which is good, late flight home on day 3 which gets in after midnight and then trundle on home to fuss over Possum. 

I need to walk more. Seriously, self, just fucking do it.