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Thirteen questions about writing meme

Thirteen questions about writing

Punk tagged me for this on tumblr, so . . .

1. Favorite story you’ve written and why:
I think maybe Iratus: the Revival because I love John and Rodney as rock musicians so much, and it has some fun AU call-backs to canon, and Ronon subs for Woolsey and there's a Ford fixit. Oh, and Todd the beat poet, haha.

2. Trope you gravitate toward most in your writing?
Are AUs, fusions and crossovers tropes? I suspect not. Crack and Humor? Hmmm, suspect they're not tropes either. Probably drunk/stoned/aphrodisiacs/sex-pollen or AMTDI, then. :)

3. Would you rather write past or present tense?
I gravitate to past tense more, even though I like present tense. But I have to write present tense a lot more deliberately.

4. How many unfinished stories/ideas do you have on your computer?
Not that many - about 15. Not as I religiously finish them, but as I'm not constantly coming up with bunnies and starting stories spontaneously. Lots of what I write is challenge-driven and I'm conscientious about finishing those.

5. What ideas are in your Google/word doc right now?
I use Word - hate google docs as it always eats comments when I try to beta with it. (This will be me tech-failing). Currently:
50% done McShep regency AU (sga reversebang)
90% 100% done Teyla/Kate opera AU (sga reversebang)
10% done Elizabethan AU (Rodney-playwright/John-actor) (my own project not a challenge, hence the endless delays, damn it)
Notes for a book fusion with The Incredible Journey in which John, Rodney and Ronon are FAMILY PETS trekking across the Canadian wilderness. But who should be the cat?? (Rodney I think because all their personalities will need to be different from the book to be IC anyway.) and OMG, NO DIALOG!! But talking animals are too cutesy - not sure I can pull off a non-sick-making Watership Downs-type thing. So agh, epithets! (The young dog, the cat, the old dog, etc). Ponders . . .

6. What’s the best review/comment you’ve received?
Hard to single any out, as several commenters have written wonderful, long comments - I always love those and am deeply appreciative.
Most recently? Transcultural was just translated into Polish! Possibly it was the sausage references.

7. How about the worst comment?
Have blocked it out - some twit telling me off about a story detail they disagreed with, I think. Also, spam:
- Ooh, a comment on AO3! *clicks busily*
- oh crap, it's spam

8. What is the last book you read?
Heh. The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford. It's on Google books these days, although not cheap.

9. Do you plan to try and publish an original work?
Already tried, when I first started fiction writing about 30 years ago, before I discovered fanfic. The book was unpublished of course, due to being truly awful, but at least the years embroiled in fandoms have taught me to write a bit better. I'd like to write a novel like Athena emerging fully formed from Zeus's head, but they don't work that way, and I think people reading my fanfic will probably get more out of me putting my effort in there, as will I. It's more my speed.

10. What has been your biggest writing inspiration?
John and Rodney, and the Stargate franchise (SGA and SG1). Those boys are still my main squeeze.

11. How many fanfic stories have you posted?
122 - provided I finally did manage to tag them all as "fanfiction". *is annoyed that AO3 doesn't have a "media" field when posting*

12. What are you currently working on?
Today, wrapping up the SGA femslash opera AU.

13. FF and AO3 URL:
I used to post to ff.net before I discovered Livejournal. There's nothing on there that isn't also on the AO3.

Anyone on my flist want to be tagged? Consider yourself so, if you'd like to do the meme. :)

(ETA: as I'd missed a question)
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