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Winter Mix

It's not long after the shortest day, here, and this being Auckland it's cold, but not too bad. No frosts where I am, near the sea, but cold nights, so I'm glad of an oil-filled heater I got for the bedroom. Possum the cat's fond of it too. Bright, weak, sunlight today, clear and still. Lovely. 
I've been in a writing hiatus, not sure why. Work's been very busy so that's part of it. Maybe the creative juices are at a lower ebb in winter, as well. I've been using work tasks to procrastinate about writing deadlines, which is . . . kind of useful, for work, anyway. 

Challenges coming up are:
  • J/D Ficathon exchange in 10 days. Figured since I'm doing a slow but complete watch-through of all of SG1 I'd have a go at some fic, but it's harder than I thought. Have done one detailed outline then scrapped it and am now aiming for something simpler. I wish the challenge was set up for more prompts - had only one prompt, with no leeway about what to write, and it's not easy adding to a fandom with a lot of other stories out there featuring the prompt scenario, that I haven't had a chance to read. #ETA: fic is all done, whew. Cheerful porn, always fun to write. 
  • Satedan Grabass John/Ronon fic exchange in 20 days (lots of plans for that one, but, y'know, need to damn well write something)
  • Due South C6D Big Bang - need a nearly complete draft ready by 21 August. Ulp. Only done a little planning so far.
The world's a mess in many ways and many places, and I retreat into fanfic for consolation. So, recs:
  • Divergence - the WIP by maisierita now completed, which I've reccd elsewhere. Excellent AU details, great John/Rodney snark.
  • A Matter of Discretion and Trade Bargain by karenmcfadyyon - am doing a reread of her fics and thoroughly enjoying them. Really good John!whump, interesting John/Rodney dynamics, and in Trade Bargain, a remarkably appealing John, especially in private.
  • This Is Not Wartime (series) by Cofax - everyone who's into SG1 has read this of course. Great post-apocalyptic story, in which SG1 are parted and together by turns, with a smidgeon of Sheppard and Cam near the end. A gripping read. I collated it into an ebook for kindle.
Other odds and ends and recs:
  • A Coat - comic-style illustration of a poem by Yeats. Lovely art-style, a quirky interpretation, funny and strange and mystical
  • "Spy"  - a hoot of a movie reccd by Sholio.  In some ways a predictable "fat lady triumphs" story, but very enjoyable. 
  • "Jupiter Ascending". I loved it, for the usual escapist fangirl reasons (strong female lead, gorgeous special effects, family stuff, hot leads in Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum). Also, a local el-cheapo place had the DVD for $5, so how could I resist? 
  • Fandom echoes in RL. Whenever I see the term "special circumstances" anywhere it makes me think of the "Culture" books by Iain M. Banks. I try to work it into official work documents if I can, just to smirk at the page for a bit.   And last week I saw a run-down place at the local shops with a sign: "Rodney's Table Tennis Center". So that was an AU immediately, in which Rodney's been fired and disgraced and has resorted to running a table tennis center, for... reasons. Then John Sheppard, disabled and disgraced ex-airforce pilot turns up because he's been forced by his physical therapist to do something to improve his hand-eye coordination ... happy sigh. 
  • Joined a gym locally. So far so good, it's quiet in the days, low-pressure and friendly. Hassles: on my initial visit, forgot my: towel, locker padlock, socks (result: blister, but they let me do the rest in crocs), shampoo. Triumphs: located my old combo locker padlock and after trial and error managed to remember the numeric code, yay!
  • Employed a local odd-jobs company to clear up the jungle I call a garden - nice to see the paths again. Next step: deciding if I want them to replace the old "just-stand-on-the-joists" deck, where the planks are rotting in several places. They inspected it to see if the underpinnings were structurally sound. What's the betting they're going to say it needs a total (very costly) replacement? Yeah, right. 
Food recs (warning: may contain nuts)
  • Pic's peanut butter. A local product, so good I can only let myself buy it occasionally. Here's a site for the USA.
  • Tamari-coated roast almonds. Delish. Best with a slightly sweet tea like Dilmah's Lively Lime & Orange Fusion which is subtle and not in-your-face fruity. I found that I can make them myself (almost as good as store-bought but not quite as tasty) by tossing roast unsalted almonds in soy sauce then spreading them out on a tray and roasting (not too high a heat, 12 min - experiment as ovens vary). The tamari or soy is all the salt you need.
  • Instant quasi-Tom Yum soup (1 serve) - good in winter:
    • medium-sized microwavable bowl - 1 mug boiling water and a good quality chicken stock cube. Stir.
    • Add handful leftover cooked chicken or a few frozen prawns etc. 
    • Add a few florets of broccoli, cauli, and/or sliced button mushrooms
    • 1 tsp Tom Yum paste and a squeeze of lime/lemon juice, a little crushed garlic
    • heat briefly in microwave (or cook all in a pot on stove). Top with fresh coriander (cilantro).

Oh, and the grandiose Rodney/John Tarot fic? Decided I couldn't start it until I'd done a basic outline for each chapter/card. So that led to teaching myself to use Scrivener, and hours of fun. Almost done with the outlines, but a few more to go. I think, though, I'll leave the serial chapter writing stage until the edge of spring appears, to help me along. 

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