Mific (mific) wrote,

Gift exchanges, and a beta, anyone?

Well I finished my Jack/Daniel story for [personal profile] riverfox , called Happy Birthday to Us - cheerful porn, as advertised. I got a great story from [personal profile] svana_vrika - Out And Away From Under, about revelations on an alien world, hurt/comfort, romance and first times.

And I'm finally writing my John/Ronon fic for the Satedan Grabass thing-a-thon. Should be done in a couple of days. Problem with a small fandom, which SGA kind of is these days in terms of activity if not readers, is finding a beta. I didn't bother with the fic above because cheerful porn, and also it was short. This one won't be long, but it's likely to be 5000-6000, and I can wing it, but betas always improve things and catch bits that don't work and occasional non-US Englishisms.

So, anyone up for beta-reading a John/Ronon story? Romance and NC-17 rated towards the end, no AO3 warnings apply. Posting is the 24th I'm afraid. Very much appreciated if anyone's able to help!
ETA: beta contact made, yay!

In other news, I've discovered The Gilmore Girls and am wallowing in cheesy denial of reality. Also an excellent fic rec: I'm Not Ifrit of the Dark, by [personal profile] signe (oxoniensis), a GG and Supernatural crossover on a Buffy fusion base! In which Rory is a slayer and weird things are going on at Chilton. Great stuff.</user></user></user>
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