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So as usual I fail at regular journaling; no surprises there! The usual combination of stuff - work was hellishly busy for a while (ha, I keep writing busty, which, no), with some big deadlines, thankfully past now so a brief breathing spell in which to finish off my due South_c6d Big Bang project, and start doing two complementary artworks I've claimed.

The dS_c6d Big Bang main project is finally almost done, after a slowish start complicated by technical faffing around. I'd intended to make a big interactive map of the Northwest Territories and show the path of Ray and Fraser's journey to find the Hand of Franklin, with clickable story-points marked along the way that would take you to the various parts (plus illustrations). But it's impossible to make a loadable jpg for AO3 that has clickable links with in it - well, possible but requires high-level coding skills I lack. So I had to accept a more normal approach of a chapterized work with story and art in each chapter. I'm still doing the map, but at the end, as a link to an externally hosted pdf which has the clickable story titles on it. Anyway, just 2 stories to go and then it's done.

I finished my John/Ronon Satedan Grabass story! Dedicated (8847 words) - for wings128
Series: Part 3 of Getting There
Summary: They've waited long enough.
The final story in my 'Getting There' series. The two earlier John/Ronon stories are Special and Complicated.
I had great fun with this, as it involved a tango and a poetry fest, so I got to write a few poems and adapt "Over the Hills and Far Away" - the folk song used in "Sharpe's Rifles" - as a Stargate Ballad sung by John. Here's the link (sung a bit crappily by me) or you can stream it at the AO3 post.

In other audio things, I got my podficcing vibe back a bit - starting with shorter ones to get in the swing again, and as I'm such a slow, obsessive editor they're less daunting. Recorded Brains by [personal profile] punk and Anti-climax by [personal profile] cesperanza  - loads of fun.

I also did a complementary cover artworkfor [personal profile] princessofgeeks' story A Gate Through Time, from the recent [community profile] jd_ficathon (SG1).

Oh, and I forgot to mention another artwork in my Long Way After artwork series where I try to do SGA art in the style of various famous artists - not the manips I once did in my "Famous Works" series, but original works, with elements of that artist's style. Just for fun. I've done Picasso and Gauguin, and this one's called A Long Way After Chagall.

I also did art for Moorglade's An Officer and a Submissive BDSM-verse series, Workaday Sub and All Dressed Up.

Stuff to come:
Get-Together - the fannish, er, get together in Wellington is due in a month, yay! I have air-tickets, a motel and a car booked, so am all set. (note to self, ask very helpful neighbour to feed Possum the cat for 2 days!). I really enjoyed going to this last year and am brave enough now to delurk and have offered two sessions this time, ulp. One on Podfic/Podcasts/Audiobooks - the audio side of fandom (with history and samples), and one an art show I'm calling "The Best of Fanart Recs" which I hope will include some WIP vids of fanartists making stuff, for added interest, and a wide range of media.

I signed on for a Shakespeare challenge, modded by the excellent [personal profile] lexigent  and wonderfully named Stage of Fools, so I think I'll be doing a twisty AU take on Hamlet or Macbeth for that. 

SGA Reversebang is kicking off for another round. I've signed on for art and fic, and got immediately bunnied with an art idea so that's already all done and sent in. It's a fun idea for the John/Ronon and/or John/Cam slashers - just hope it's not too specific an AU-fusion as that can put writers off. Oh well, we'll see. The Reversebang's still open for sign-ups for a while - almost closed for artists, but open for longer for writers.</user></user></user></user></user></user>

General Stuff
I am OK! Possum is OK! I hope you're all doing OK too, and are less busy than me. I'm getting a new front door put in, as the old one's semi-rotted. 1950s weatherboard house in the bush, what can you do? I've started to do long-put-off chores like sorting out household fix-its, but am still behind the eight-ball in terms of my own exercise regime, sigh. Still trying, anyway, and still eating low-carb so that's good for me. 

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