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Letter for my dSSS creator

Recycling parts of last year's letter, because a few things I always want. :)

First and most importantly - thanks so much for creating something for me, and I really will be thrilled with whatever you make, so the main thing is for you to do what you like and have fun.

Request One: this one's your classic Ray K/Fraser slash focus. I'm fond of 'friends to lovers', but am happy for anything. I love AUs, and that goes for any of my requests - put them all in an AU setting or a fusion and I'll be delighted. You can see the fandoms I've ever been involved in on my AO3 dashboard, but I'm open to any fusions or crossovers - I like them a lot and would read up about another fandom if I didn't know it, although I might not get all your clever nuances! :) Happy with any rating, any trope or kink.

Request Two: this is about the three of them: Fraser, Ray V, and Ray K. Be it threesome slash, or friendship gen, either's fine. I'd prefer they ended up happy together either in a gen or a slashy way, rather than one of the three getting abandoned or left out, but angst along the way is fine. Happy with any rating, any trope or kink.

General Likes and Dislikes:
I like competence, common sense, found families and teamwork, plot and adventures, humor, traditional fandom tropes given a breath of life or inverted or just done well. I LOVE worldbuilding, be it an alien world, or fantasy, or the past or far future. I also love crossovers and fusions - check out my AO3 for fandoms I've ever written in, for ideas there. I like AUs in general, as long as the characters stay in character. I'm happy with any rating, will read any kink if it's done well, and like gen just as much as NC-17. I prefer high-rated aspects of a fic to serve the story and not just be PWP or gratuitous, and am just as happy with slow-burn and UST, or a romantic outcome rather than a sex scene. Kissing! Kissing is always good but please, please, please, no mouths/teeth/lips clashing together - it makes me wince and worry about chipped teeth. I love slash, am happy with femslash, or het (depending on the pairing) but am just as happy with strong friendships. Bro partnerships and women being best buds and fabulous together are great.
Things I don't like: (none of these are triggers, as I don't really have any, but I'd prefer not to get them)
Extreme hurt-comfort and whump with very little comfort at the end, emo-porn (by which I mean excessive angsting with not much plot), characters who aren't woobies in canon portrayed as weak and woobiefied, any seriously OC depictions of characters, partner betrayal, deathfic and very tragic endings - mostly. But that depends on the challenge - in apocafic I can handle it. Also not a huge fan of very routine Harlequin romances, extreme fluff and extreme crack. I'm an atheist so while I don't mind reading about characters being religious or having spiritual experiences I'll probably be eye-rolling. I'm not keen on stories that haven't been beta-read which have lots of typos and malapropisms, or bad-porn language like cum rather than come.

As I said in the sign up, I'd be happy with any medium - fic, art, podfic or vid.
Thanks again!
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