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Seasonal sign-ups and stuff

Yuuuletide! I'm really happy with my assignment here. It's a fandom I love and a great opportunity for worldbuilding in a new little corner of the 'verse. So yay for that one. :)

SGA Secret Santa, agh agh agh. I was dumb with this and idiotically said I'd be happy to write "Sheppard with anyone". Which, it turns out, nope. Or nope for my recipient's most preferred pairing. I just . . . I don't really want to write a totally mundane AU, and the pairing's virtually impossible to write as a canon or a canon-AU - it's just really really hard to imagine how it could ever come to pass. This is probably a failure of imagination on my part, but I'm not sure I have the energy to bother concocting some weird and wonderful scenario to try to sell this really really unlikely pairing which nobody and their dog would ever want to read, anyway. The only way I can see to make it likely is to go very very dark, and . . . I'm nervous about that for a seasonal exchange, and also, of course, my recipient both wants this tricky pairing, and wants happy tropes like friends to lovers, bonding and humor - all of which are inconceivable with this pairing unless it's a total AU.
Oof, enough whining. There are options in the request I can do, just that they're way down the list of asks and I'm stubborn about that sort of shit. Needs more pondering.

dSSS assignments will be out soon, too. :D

In other news, the due South c6d Big Bang went live on AO3, yayyy! GO check the works out - there's some excellent stuff.

Mine was In which Ray and Fraser go in search of the Hand of Franklin, which is multimedia (fic/art) in itself (I am SUCH a pain in the ass for complement makers). [personal profile] ride_4ever rose to the occasion magnificently and wrote 12 poems in as many different styles - most of which I'd never even heard of, one poem for each chapter. So great! They are here: Twelve Questing Pieces

My current project is for Stage of Fools, the Shakespearean gift exchange challenge. I vacillated for quite a while and experimented with the usual crack like Hamlet via text message or blog (discovered it'd been done with texting, although not as rudely as in my draft) and finally settled on a period-feeling retelling-with-huge-significant-changes of one of the tragedies in actual cod-Shakespearean blank verse. Massive fun and I'm at least 2/3 of the way through it, with the result that after a writing session:
My thoughts continue in the metre set
throughout the fic, e'en if the rhymes be rough
and ready, still my fool brain's sore beset,
until I bang my head and cry, enough!
Not so many rhymes as that in my fic, of course. Like, hardly any. Hey, blank verse is blank! So, it'll be about 3-4000 words of that, and the kind of brain child only a mother can love. Sigh.

Real life's not been too bad. I went to Get Together, our little NZ annual fannish, er, get together. Great fun and games, as usual. I did sessions on audio-fandom (almost all all about podfic), and a fanart show with some speedpaint vids. My follow-up post about it's here.
Had a work trip to Melbourne as well - vastly less fun due to the airports being hellishly huge and poorly organised, with queuing and delays, bleh. Also, back pain - more abs exercises required! A close friend's been very ill with sudden onset of neurological problems from cervical stenosis, leading to fairly urgent spinal surgery. So scary for her, but thank goodness, she's recovering pretty well although frustrated, of course, by the slowness of gradual rehab.
And that's me for now.
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