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Haven't back-buttoned yet, but . . .

I'm reading a fic with a good plot and engaging characterisations, but OMG, I have to have a moan - here, as it's not cool to criticise fanfic writers on their posts.
  1. Where does this use of 'swears' as a noun come from? I guess it's meant to be cute or some shit but it sounds like a three year old and I hate it.
  2. Also, this persistent misapprehension that concussed or otherwise head injured people need to be kept awake constantly. No! It's not like if they go to sleep they'll never wake up (because why? Sleep is dangerous to us? Only alertness is preventing us dying at any moment, especially after a bang on the head?) Nope nope nope. After a serious enough head injury (generally one involving a definite loss of consciousness) the person gets woken at intervals to check they're not getting delirious or confused or developing unequal pupils on reaction to light, which are signs of a build-up of pressure on the brain from a blood clot, like from an extradural haematoma. Hence Jack O'Neill's abiding hatred of Janet's pencil torch. Rest and sleep are actually essential for post-head injury recovery.
  3. Plus, Ronon and Teyla don't talk the same. Ronon uses elisions. We don't know why, he just does - maybe Sateda was hipper than Athos. 
Um, OK, here endeth the lesson. *Returns to messy fic, grumbling about people who don't run longfic past a beta*

On a more positive note, I love http://www.etymonline.com so much. I really like the history of words, and can browse it happily just for fun. It's also massively useful when writing historical AUs, to make sure you're not using words too modern for the period. And it's mostly one guy's creation, not a wiki. Good on you, Douglas Harper. 

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