Mific (mific) wrote,

Crappity crap

(Warning for sick cat angsting)

I just had to default on my Yuletide assignment, so I feel crap about that, even though, this early, there are no real penalties.

Well, I guess I didn't have to, but I decided to. Although I love the Steerswoman fandom, I was flat out of inspiration with no real outline, and am struggling with two other assignments for Santa exchanges. Normally I can pull stuff out of a hat with very little time, but I'm battling a general level of anxiety about Possum, my 15 year old cat (read only child for that). He's not eating very much, and although he's still active and not looking like a sick cat, and although the vet said he couldn't find anything obvious and his blood test was OK, there must be something wrong. It's probably the start of kidney failure, which carried off all my other cats across the years.

On top of that, builders have started work replacing my front door, thus exposing the fact that my entire house is crumbling away. It's an old, WWII-era weatherboard house in a damp, bushy area, so no surprises there. I've been exercising denial about the general decrepitude, but the front door got to the stage it was hard to shut or lock, and apparently there's no quick fix - it needs a massive removal of the surrounds including a swathe of rotten weatherboards. Going to cost me $14,000 just for a goddamn front door. Also they have now removed it, boarded it up with ply and now say it'll be unusable for up to 2 weeks, and I have no other door I can lock from the outside, except a fused-shut back door off the kitchen. Joy. The lack of his usual front door and presence of noisy builders isn't thrilling Possum, either.

I haven't commented about the US election - hard to know what to say as an outsider except well, fuck. Everyone I know on the internets is far more affected and distressed than me and I can't berate the people who voted him in as I don't know them - a pointless exercise anyway. But it adds a general gloominess about the way the world's going.

I'm reccing Cthulhu/SGA crossovers this month for Stargate ficrecs, so here's an amusingly creepy story I discovered on-line, by Neil Gaiman, I Chulthu.

I'm listening to S. M. Stirling's 'Change Series' apocafic novels as audiobooks, and enjoying them, although despite various SFCs, they're pretty macho. Hoo boy, in a post-apocalyptic world like that, I'd definitely be dead within a week or two. It's kind of bizarrely cheering.

Oh, and you'll know him I'm sure, but I recently discovered Jim Jeffries, the Aussie stand-up comic - especially his great diatribes about gun control in the US. Wonder if he'll do one on Trump? Jim Jeffries Part 1 on Gun Control + Jim Jeffries Part 2 on Gun Control

In better news, my SGA Santa fic is almost done, and and I do have an outline for my due South one, if I can get over the damn anxiety and get cracking.

Tags: angst, possum, recs, seasonal challenges

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