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P some of the DTM

Hi everyone - one spin-off of the LJ servers moving to Russia and tumblr being a time-suck is a consolidation of friends here at DW. Nice to see the busyness. There's no way I can manage a PEDTM right now, but I'd like to try posting more, and more randomly rather than just catch-ups.

So I happened on a Captive Prince songvid using all fanart, then found another, so it's a Captive Prince vids post. I really like the cumulative effect with the fanart ones, esp. Coming Down. Total fail at embedding, as can't seem to locate the thing on youtube to get the embed code. Anyone know?

Coming Down by MockingJamie
Hurts So Good by kyungsoohorat
Carry Your Throne by [personal profile] rhea314
heart's a mess by Essie Spiros (features TW Derek as Damen!)
Damen & Laurent by paquim (exceptionally pretty Laurent here)
Tags: captive_prince, vid recs

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