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From the flamingo notebook

I've never been great at tidiness, and as time passes it just seems too hard to keep battling entropy - or rather, I'm picking my battles. I also have TOO MUCH STUFF. So there are things everydamnwhere (I wrote a poem about that a few years ago before the fandom bus totalled me. Will post it here when I locate it).

Not surprising then, that among all the things, stuff gets overlooked. Yesterday I happened on a partly-filled-in Audubon notebook of my Mum's (I still have her ashes, and Dad's, in little wooden boxes sitting next to each other in a cupboard, and good intentions to scatter them both at Arthur's Pass in the South Island as requested. I just never get around to making the trip). So, I discovered that towards the end of her life, Mum recorded some of her favourite poems or quotes in this notebook with a flamingo on the cover. And I'm going to post one occasionally - the ones I like best.

Some background - my parents met at age 15 in high school and had a happy marriage until their 80s, although the last few years were tough due to Dad's dementia. Also, for many years, Mum was a librarian.

The poet is noted as being Maureen Julian-Miles. I can't find her on the net, so she may be a New Zealand poet: Mum collected things from The Listener, a magazine here. ETA: I located her in the National Library of NZ - she's definitely a NZ poet, and it was from the Listener.

The Librarian's Wife

by Maureen Julian-Miles

Beloved he says
let me bind you and cover you
catalogue/index but not
issue you

let me
examine your text
interrogate your databases
establish finding aids
on your skin

I want to make an inventory
of all of you

he sighs
he kisses her neck
if I were an archivist
I would arrange and describe you

beloved, she says
show me
the Library of Congress.

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