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Ante Up Losers - Dear Creator letter

Hi there - so in the sign-up I asked for:

Jolene/Pooch (Art, Fic, Podfic, Remix, vid - any rating)
I've asked for something featuring Jolene/Pooch. Would love them being badass, especially Jolene being badass, and/or maybe something set in the future about them and their kid or kids. What I wouldn't want is infidelity. No break-up please, or not a permanent one. No permanently sad or tragic ending for them and their family either, please. If you're up for an AU it'd be great to incorporate Roque as a black-sheep family member of some sort or an ex of Jolene's. You can go dark with Roque and/or kill him off if you like - I can handle it with Roque! But feel free to rehabilitate him as well. :)

First off - the main thing is that you should have fun and do something you enjoy. I like all the Losers characters so I'll be happy with whatever you want to do, I promise! I do like Pooch and Jolene, though, so something featuring them would be very shiny, if you can manage that. I've read the comics as well as seeing the movie and I like both canons, so you don't have to stay in movieverse if you'd rather take the comics route. Below, I've copied my likes and don't-likes for exchanges generally, but don't feel too constrained as I'm pretty un-squickable and eclectic in my tastes, so I'll be thrilled with whatever you'd like to make, just because you went to the trouble to make it! :D

Things I like:
Competence, common sense, found families and teamwork, plot and adventures, humor, traditional fandom tropes given a breath of life or inverted or just done well. Among those, I'm a sucker for amnesia, robots/androids, AMTDI, aphrodisiacs and drunk or drugged characters. I like characters to be smart but not unrealistically brilliant unless they're geniuses in canon or whammied by tech or somesuch. I LOVE worldbuilding, be it an alien world, or fantasy, or the past or far future. I also love crossovers and fusions - check out my AO3 for fandoms I've ever written in, for ideas there. I like AUs in general, as long as the characters stay in character. I'm happy with any rating, will read any kink if it's done well, and like gen just as much as NC-17. I prefer high-rated aspects of a fic to serve the story and not just be PWP or gratuitous, and am just as happy with slow-burn and UST, or a romantic outcome rather than a sex scene. Kissing! Kissing is always good but please, please, please, no mouths/teeth/lips clashing together - it makes me wince and worry about chipped teeth. I love slash, am happy with femslash, or het (depending on the pairing) but am just as happy with strong friendships. Bro partnerships and women being best buds and fabulous together are great.

Things I don't like:
(none of these are triggers, as I don't really have any, but I'd prefer not to get them)
Extreme hurt-comfort and whump with very little comfort at the end, emo-porn (by which I mean excessive angsting with not much plot), characters who aren't woobies in canon portrayed as weak and woobiefied, any seriously OC depictions of characters, partner betrayal, deathfic and very tragic endings - mostly. But that depends on the challenge - in apocafic I can handle it. Also not a huge fan of very routine Harlequin romances, extreme fluff and extreme crack. I'm an atheist so while I don't mind reading about characters being religious or having spiritual experiences I'll probably be eyerolling (unless they've been snaked or otherwise mind-controlled). Alien religions depicted as part of worldbuilding are always great. I'm not keen on stories that haven't been beta-read which have lots of typos and malapropisms, or bad-porn language like cum rather than come.</div>

Hope you have fun with the exchange, and looking forward to seeing what you come up with - thanks!
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