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I'm bad at finishing series, or rather, I'm too ready to promise that something's the start of a series, and then not deliver on the sequels. They're not WIPs as the stories are complete in themselves, but they feel like the start of a 'verse or a bigger story. Then I get distracted by challenges, and work, and the new shiny, and . . . yeah. Before you know it a few years have passed and how in hell did that happen?

So for Apocalypse Kree this year (deadline's the end of January), I'm determined to finish my John/Ronon Rapture series that started with After the Harvest. When I first started it I was planning to have the series become John/Ronon/Rodney after Rodney joined them, but that'd take vastly more words and plot, so I think I'll have it just as John/Ronon and keep Rodney as their buddy. I do have the final part outlined, but I'm at that stage where you look at the outline and it feels like a hell of a lot of work to get the characters from (in this case) Vegas to Colorado. 

Especially when you get whammied by another, shinier plot bunny! Well, it's only shinier because it's newer, but OMG, I'm having such fun with the outline. It'll be for Romancing McShep so it has to wait until I get the apocafic done, but I really really want to play with it now (pouts). I have some medical background and I've wanted to do a medical AU for a while, to use some of that stuff, but it's always felt a bit OOC for Sheppard, although I've read some great short AUs with him and Rodney as ER-type doctors. Then there's Rodney's attitude to "voodoo" medicine. But I suddenly thought of the perfect solution - a Doc Martin AU!!  (Do USA-folks know the UK TV series Doc Martin?) So Rodney's the irascible genius ex-surgeon with no bedside manner at all who develops a blood phobia and is forced to relocate as a family doctor to a small coastal town, where he meets John (probably a local police officer I think, but definitely not the neurotic one from Doc Martin who fretted about his tiny penis!). And all the usual suspects transposed into (non-sci-fi) AU roles. I think I'd set in in in coastal Maine, as a vague correlation to Cornwall - a made-up town very like Boothbay Harbor.  Rodney's going to be ideal as the Aspergery Doc Mac, antagonizing everyone and diagnosing the hell out of them with House-like accuracy. BUT NO. I MUST BE STRONG AND SET IT ASIDE FOR NOW.  Damn. 
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