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CapRVB, geek fistbumps, and a topical rec

I'm doing art for the Captain America reversebang (on tumblr here) - not jumping ships, I just like reversebangs!

We were chatting on slack about ship-names, and @portraitoftheoddity pointed out that they fall into three main categories - smushes, poetic ship-names, and puns. My older fandoms haven't played around with ship names as much - most are smushes, like McShep and Shex, although Sticks n Snark is a more poetic one (Teyla/Rodney), and Sparky just . . . happened and is uncategorizable. :)

MCU has a lot of variants. For Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson there's 'samsteve', 'stevesam', 'freebirds', and 'capfalc', maybe more. Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes has the main one, 'stucky', but also 'starbucks' and 'barnes and noble' and maybe 'wintershield'.
A great one for Tony/Steve/Bruce is 'Stark Spangled Banner', and to illustrate the categories, Steve Rogers/Loki, can be Stoki (smush) or Frostshield (poetic), and sometimes Capslok (pun).

Maybe we should think up a few more for our older fandoms? Like for SGA, how about Lean and Mean? Bit unkind to Rodney, I guess. And how come Fraser and the Rays in due South never got pairing names? What with the Ray-Ray confusion, they'd be pretty handy. There probably are some out there and I just don't know them! Um, Benray, maybe, for Fraser/Ray V? (as Ray V calls him Benny) - Bengay being too nonspecific. Or for Fraser/Ray K, a combo of the poetic and pun categories: Mount Greatness. (it should really be Mountie Greatness of course but you lose the double entendre that way). Heh.

On the home front, I had Reuben, a mobile tech guy from "Geeks on Wheels" in today to clean up my PC and laptop - buckets of cruft removed, but it hasn't solved my crappy internet connection (way worse since a power outage yesterday) or the useless landline. Back to arguing with my telecoms provider again, sigh. Oh, but hey - the tech guy (on the cusp of 30 I'd guess) asked what I used the devices for, other than RL, and I said "art, podfic and writing". "Great," says Reuben. "What sort of writing?" . . . "Fanfiction," says I, a little nervously. "Cool!" he says - what sort? Guess I shouldn't ask that. Er, what fandom?" "I'm old school - Stargate Atlantis," I say. "Yay," says Reuben, "Me and my wife are SGA fans. You know, I think Atlantis was a better show than SG1, although I know a lot of people..." and so we had a nice fannish chat. I'll be using that company again!

And, in light of events in the USA and people talking about going on protest rallies, time to re-read a favourite:

The one where they're antiglobalization protesters (8190 words) by sapote (AU)
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Characters: Rodney McKay, John Sheppard, Teyla Emmagan, Ronon Dex
Summary: The Wraith are a metaphor for globalization. I go from there.
Tags: captain america, geeking out, rec, smush-names

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