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Fiddling while Rome burns

I should be finishing my apocafic, and I will, right after this (honest). Also, this is probably the worst time to be writing about apocalypses - coffee shop AU, anyone?

Anyway, I was thinking about the different types of apocafic I've read.

  1. Plague apocalypses. Everyone dies and as well as civilization crashing and burning, the world's empty. Like [personal profile] rheanna's amazing The Hard Prayer. The protagonists are almost the only survivors so it's about surviving alone, or as a couple or small team. Isolation, fending off despair, going nuts, etc. They're sometimes heavy on character studies, as there are relatively few characters.
  2. Break-down of civilization apocalypses where the tech still works. A sub-section of these are political melt-down apocalypses, then there are weird ones like the AU I'm working on. If it's a post-nuclear-holocaust scenario there's usually a massive population reduction, plus, y'know, wastelands and mutants. There are quite a few political chaos ones in Stargate fandom, often due to declassification of the program, but few are truly apocalyptic - one is Providing the Flame, by sharkie (more destabilisation, not really an apocalypse). These apocalypse scenarios are complex as there are still lots of people and it all gets pretty 'Lord of the Flies', with the main risks often from other survivors. (Why the everloving heck did I decide to write one of those! *tears hair*. Plus, endless goddamn roadtrip, courtesy of google maps).
  3. Break-down of civilization apocalypses where the tech/infrastructure stops working or for some reason everything reverts to a medieval state. Such as the S. M. Stirling series Dies the Fire. I'm working my way through these and enjoying them even though they are pretty macho, despite the Wiccans, but the main interest with these is the contrast of people raised in a high-tech society now forced to survive in medieval fiefdoms. Swords, bows 'n arrows, massive population reduction due to societal chaos with the tech gone, and over-optimistic notions that herbal medicine will step up and replace antibiotics just fine. Yeah, right. I think this series will get less interesting as the world becomes more truly medieval, after the old people who remember "before" die off. It's the clash of cultures aspect I like best.
  4. Environmental disaster apocalypses. These depend on how extreme the disaster is. If Earth's habitable but vastly changed, they tend towards type 2 (John Christopher's The Death of Grass). If Earth's uninhabitable you get the basis for Firefly, and "Earth That Was".
  5. Alien invasion apocalypses. Another Stargate fave. The Ori win. The Goa'uld win. The Wraith cull Earth - the brilliant At the Hour When We Are Trembling by [personal profile] frostfire.
  6. Zombie apocalypses! A favorite of mine. Combines massive population loss, civilization break-down and the ultimate Lord of the Flies survival scenario. Small bands of plucky survivors! But wait, is that blood on your collar? Some nifty examples are Final Order, by [personal profile] velocitygrass and Blame the Apocalypse by [personal profile] esteefee.
  7. Then there are 'abandoned by Earth' ones or just 'left behind' or 'cut off'. One excellent one is [personal profile] mrshamill's Pegasus Purgatorio, but they're only really apocalyptic if Earth's gone or lost, rather than just not taking Atlantis's calls.
  8. I'm less familiar with supernatural apocalypses as an SGA fan - mostly get those in Supernatural fandom or Buffyverse. Maybe in Vampire fandoms as well? an e.g. is Seperis's amazing SPN/SGA/SG1 crossover And All the World Beneath.

Rec me some more if you have favorites. Okay, enough slicing and dicing of apocafic. Back to writing.

( This post brought to you in the spirit of "so you think this is bad?" )
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