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Feb Art Calendar Meme days 1 and 2 (Alien City at Night)

I'm jumping on this bandwagon as well - it's fun! I'm playing catch up so it'll be 4 days of 2 squares filled in per day, then 1 a day.
[personal profile] darthneko's invented a kind of advent calendar for doing art - small parts of an overall work that you complete each day across a month until it's done. Here's the post about it - there are 2 templates that can be used in a link in the comments.
[personal profile] sholio's doing one as well - over here, and here. [personal profile] goss is doing one too, and doubtless others are giving it a go.

I like how different they all are. Me being me, mine's in colour and done digitally, not with traditional media. It'll also end up G-rated slashy (I hope!). This one'll be SGA - if I do more I'll do a different fandom each time.
A bit scary to see if I can link up the shading and get the overall drawing to look vaguely okay, especially when I get to the hard part - the people! And no, I haven't already drawn it all out - seat of the pants, I'm afraid.

Click on the thumbnail to see where I'm at.

In other news, I finished my Apocalypse Kree apocafic, yay! (concludes my series 'The Rapture').

Now only Romancing McShep, Pic-for-1000, SGA-Reversebang, the Ante-Up Losers exchange and the Captain America ReverseBigBang to go before June. How did that happen? *hides*
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