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A Poem for Twoseekers

OK - first journal entry and it's a Cedric/Harry slash poem. Start as you mean to continue I guess.

Title: Seekers
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Cedric
Rating: Adultish but more suggestive than explicit. Soft R?
Warning: Poetry!
I don't own Harry and Cedric's world, JKR does



Flashing gold as I tilt and weave,

freefalling down with my arm outstretched.

It flies so close, taunting me, elusive,

faster, nimbler, playing with me.

Mocking my clumsy grabs, my too-long legs

gripping the broom, robes tangled, cursing.


Harry dances round me like the snitch.

Playing hard to get in the air, on the ground.

Faster, nimbler, teasing as he flashes

across my path to snatch the prize out of my grasp.

He laughs, ecstatic, and I cannot see the snitch, only his face, his eyes.


Months of this game as we circle each other,

eyes glancing, sliding away, cheeks flushed.

Endless internal debate as I analyze

every small glance and gesture obsessively.

Does he feel this too? Is it only me?

Glad that my robes hide the pressure in my groin,

I watch him, helpless, orbiting his space.


Wrong to feel this, so wrong to want him.

Sick in my stomach that others will see

behind all the masks I wear for the world:

friend, prefect, captain, the dutiful son.

Good boy Cedric, well done Diggory;

brave outside but a coward where it matters.


Brave and stupid as the goblet selects us,

forcing us closer while forcing us apart.

Wanting to wrap him in my robe and protect him from

tasks, dragons, danger, the damn Yule ball

where we dip and turn, formal and hopelessly mispartnered.


Harsh words from Cho rip away my pretence.

I’m lost when he seeks me, alone in the night.

No strength to lie, no strength to avoid him

I reach for him, clumsy - will he dart away?

Trembling in my grasp like the snitch as I pull him close,

opening his mouth with my tongue.

Harry moans against me, his hands in my hair as I still him,
claiming my elusive prize.



Tags: fanfiction, harry/cedric, poetry, slash

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