Mific (mific) wrote,

Writing, Possum, and fandom invades RL

Last week was pretty grueling, with a massive exam I had to write, involving an all-nighter. I'm way too old for all-nighters, well, except that my sleep pattern's so muntered I often do stay up most of the night. It's the all-dayers after the all-nighters that do me in. Having emerged somewhat scathed from a few days of sleep deprivation, leaving me with a 2-day headache and annoying tinnitus, I'm now trying to muster the creative juices this weekend and attack my SGA-Reversebang story (a largely gen Ronon and Radek friendship fic). Managed a detailed outline today anyway, so that's something. Other projects on the go are my Ante Up Losers fic (suburban crack), and my story for the Captain America Reverse Big Bang - a fantasy AU, and my first ever fic in that fandom, so wish me luck. :)

I'm also starting an . . . unusual . . . work project that's dear to my fannish heart. My trainees have to write up a 10,000 word case documenting a year's worth of psychotherapy they've done with someone. It's not easy to get right and the standard's very high, so they've been asking for samples. We're leery about using real cases, even though they're thoroughly de-identified, so I've decided to write two sample cases myself, one about a year's therapy with Mr. Spock, and the other for Princess Leia. I chose those characters as tributes to Leonard Nimoy and Carrie Fisher, and as they're both huge fandoms that I think almost everyone will know, as opposed to SGA or due South which'd be easier for me, but less well known by today's youf. Well, I say youf, but half of them are in their 30s-40s and from Korea, Iraq, or Bangladesh, so fuck knows what they'll make of it. Probably end up with two bits of writing that are too dull for fandom and too weird for my trainees. But there's lots of material - I mean, with Spock there's his Vulcan/human heritage and attempts to repress his emotions (he goes to therapy as he's failed at that and wants to learn how to suppress them better. An unusual challenge for the budding therapist!) Then with Leia there's persecution and almost getting it on with her brother and having DARTH VADER for a father, not to mention the trials of a relationship with Han Solo. Anyway, if anyone could stand to read a formal psychotherapy case history about Spock or Leia to critique my canon research, any help'd be welcome.

Possum was being cute in the weeds today - my place mostly runs to weeds (survival of the fittest mode of gardening). Lush, as our summer dry spell broke with torrential rain storms, and now there's an autumnal edge in the air, which Possum's enjoying. He's too furry for midsummer in Auckland. I think he's eating a little better now it's not so hot and humid. He loves the rain - one day I had to dry him off six times in succession. He's always so pleased with himself when he's wet; it's hilarious. 

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