Microfic again

Title: Microfic again
Rating: A hint of R
Author: mific
Summary: "Write 10 different categories of fic each in 10 words or less."

1. Angst:

Cedric and Cho danced on as Harry watched, hopeless.

2. AU:

The roots pulled Cedric under the hedge. Harry stumbled on.

3. Crackfic:

“We doin' big pimpin…”

“Ace rap hex on Ced, Harry.”

4. Crossover:

“Edward? I’m Cedric." Weird, his hand was stone cold.

5. First Time:

Harry shut his eyes and tilted his face, heart pounding.

6. Fluff:

They held each other close, Cedric’s face in Harry’s hair.

7. Humor:

“Love you, Harry.”

“You’re a ghost Ced, piss off.”

8. Hurt/Comfort:

“I miss him Sirius”. Padfoot whined and licked his face.

9. Smut:

“Merlin Ced, not the bodybind again…oh gods…oh yes…”

10. UST (aka Unresolved, or Unrequited, Sexual Tension):

Cedric burned.


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