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Songfic Challenge

So I saw one of these over on Twoseekers and decided to try it, with a Sirius/Remus pairing instead.

You put your music player on shuffle and take the next 10 songs, and write a drabble based on each song, in the time that the actual song's playing. Damn it was pressured, especially as the song lyrics other than the bit that's inspired the fic tend to distract you while you're writing.

But anyway, here's my crack at it :

Title: Sirius/Remus songfics
Pairing/Characters: Sirius/Remus
Rating: NC-17 in places
Warning: occasionally explicit
Disclaimer: I don't own Sirius and Remus' world, JKR does

Moonshine - Savage

"Jesus Sirius." Remus eyed his friend angrily.

"Wha?" Sirius could barely string two words together. The reason - a bottle of firewhisky on the bedside table - glinted empty in the firelight.

"When are you going to pull yourself together you great git?"

"Moony....sorry Moony...hic...got into the ‘moonshine’...hahaha..."

Sirius trailed off into drunken slurred giggling as Remus hefted him properly onto the bed.

Sirius pulled Remus down on top of him. God, he smelled like a distillery.

“Moony, my Moony...love you."

Then he was asleep, leaving Remus stunned. What?


Maverick a Strike - Finley Quaye

Remus was shivering helplessly, his thin, lanky body covered with cuts and bite marks.

Sirius tried to comfort him, stroking him gently, but Remus twisted away, unable to admit he needed help from the man he had loved, seemingly in vain, for so many years.

"Moony..." Sirius hissed, frustrated. “Just let me..." He morphed into Padfoot and pressed against his friend, licking his neck.

Remus put his trembling arm around the huge black dog and clung to him, closing his eyes and finally relaxing.


Concrete and Clay - Jurassic 5

"Oh yeah, very "street" I'm sure Sirius."

Sirius grinned, ignoring Remus' ribbing.

"I like it" he said, twirling in front of the mirror in his new ‘rapper’ outfit.

Tight black leather pants, a silk shirt half-open to show his pale chest on which hung several gold chains and medallions - not real gold of course. A cocky hat on his head and his hair - Jesus, he'd had it done in dreadlocks, his beautiful long hair.

Remus secretly vowed to find and hex the hairdresser.


Don't Dwell - Tracy Chapman

"Don't dwell on it Sirius." Remus took him into his arms and rocked his friend. "You couldn't know Peter was a traitor, none of us guessed. Please don't torment yourself."

"Moony, I can't...it's my fault..."

"Hush." Remus stopped his mouth with a kiss.


Have Mercy    - The Judds

"Please ...oh please!" Sirius arched back helplessly, thrusting into Remus' hot mouth.

"Want me to stop?" Remus grinned, pausing briefly and sliding his tongue teasingly across the swollen head of Sirius' cock.

"Jesus Moony, have mercy, don't stop, don't stop!"

Remus grinned and lowered his head again, taking Sirius' cock deeply into his throat as Sirius writhed and cried out. No mercy.


Under My Thumb - Rolling Stones

Sirius walked Remus back against the wall, pressing him to it, feeling Remus' hardness against his hip. He grinned, thinking of all the times Remus had corrected him, chastised him, told him what to do. Sirius might seem the loud extroverted leader but it had always been Remus holding him steady, keeping him in check, leading quietly from behind.

But not now, when Remus was trembling with longing and finally, Sirius had taken the lead. He reached down and took Remus' cock in his hand, stroking the shaft and rolling his thumb across the head.

Remus thrust into his hand, his head falling back as he moaned.

Mmmm - leading from behind, an interesting thought. Sirius bent to Remus' mouth, leaving coherent thought behind.


Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet

"No more, Remus." Sirius was angry, demanding. "No more of the strange you hear? Just me from now on, you're mine."

"And you're mine, Sirius. Same rules for you. No more bringing those damn women home. No more tit - think you can stick to it?" Remus regarded him dubiously.

"I can if you can Moony." He crossed to Remus and pulled him into an embrace. Whispering in his ear, grinning, "You're all the tit I need, girlfriend."

"Feel that" Remus growled and thrust his hard cock into Sirius' groin. "Not your fucking girlfriend Pads, no way."

Sirius laughed and slid his hand down between them. "Sorry, boyfriend then." Pulling him to the bed, his voice throaty. "Come here boyfriend, let me be your girl."


Untitled 1   - Keane

Remus sat bleakly, staring into space.

"I'll see you on the other side..." The fucking song echoed in his head long after he'd thrown the radio against the wall.

Images assaulted him of Sirius falling backwards through the veil, becoming transparent, grey, fading into the mists.

He felt drained, dried up, dessicated by grief. No more tears, he had cried them all, he had none left.

Why did you leave me Sirius? You said you'd never leave me. He covered his face with his hands.

Downstairs the Order conferred.

He tried to drag the shreds of himself together, but there seemed no core to his life any more, nothing to center him. Nothing to do but go on, to fight and hopefully, if he were lucky, to die.

Perhaps Sirius was waiting. On the other side.


Somersault   - Zero 7

"Fuck!" Sirius pushed a large chunk of plaster away and clambered to his feet. Bellatrix had almost caught him with that last curse, before Remus slashed a hex at her and she apparated away.

"Saved my ass again, Moony." He grinned shakily at the wolf.

"Tit for tat Sirius, you've saved me a few times as well you know."

Sirius climbed across the wreckage to his friend, pulling him into a dusty kiss.

"Silly Pads." Remus ruffled plaster dust out of his hair affectionately. "What was that for?"

Sirius held Remus' face in his hands, serious now. "For saving me Moony - from myself. For loving me." He leaned in again and deepened the kiss.


Everything is Everything - Lauren Hill

"After winter must come Spring." Remus hadn't thought he would ever believe that. The last winter had been very hard, cold, bleak, almost no income as no-one would give him work - or at least he lost the jobs as soon as they realised who he was, what he was. He had nearly starved and was thin, so thin. A human probably would not have survived.

But Sirius had found him - Sirius who he had loved and longed for, for so long. Sirius who he had believed was relentlessly straight, Sirius who he had been too proud to go to.

Sirius who was so very angry with him now for letting himself get into this state, only his worry for Remus preventing him from a tongue-lashing.

Sirius who seemed to care desperately for him, against all the odds, making him soup and hand-feeding him, sharing his bed, cradling him in his warmth. Saying he was sorry that he had not looked after Remus better. Saying that he loved him.

Spring indeed.

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