Mific (mific) wrote,

SGA Podfic: The King of Atlantis by Punk (read by mific)

Title: The King of Atlantis
Author: Punk
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Read by: Mific
Rating: PG (no pants but only because they're bad pants)
Length: 28 min
A laugh-out-loud one from Punk, for the holiday season. John's recovering and Rodney looks after him.
From Punk's intro - Warning: Contains trace amounts of crack. If you've never played Katamari Damacy, YouTube will make you feel like you have.  The King of All Cosmos is on the cover art.

The original text is here
Temporary Audiobook (M4B) download here (~13MB)
Temporary MP3 download here (~26MB)

Permanent audiofic archive (M4B) download here (~13MB)
Permanent audiofic archive (MP3) download here (~26MB)
(thanks again to the audofic archivists for hosting)

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Tags: mckay/sheppard, podfic, sga, slash

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