April 16th, 2009


Um, hello

It occurred to me that maybe I should do at least one chat-type of posting about how I plan to use this journal. I don't think it's going to turn into a dear diary sort of thing, but who knows what the future holds. Other than battling entropy.

Mostly this is a place for me to post fiction, poetry and art, and largely in the Potterverse fandom. I use Twilighted.net (and horrible old fanfiction.net) for Twi stuff (as eroticfan - yeah, a dumb choice for my first ever username, you can see why I changed it in LJ!). Still have 2 WIP fics ongoing there, for a few weeks anyway.

Anyway, I'm increasingly getting sucked into HP fanfiction and art. And will probably get seduced away into Dreamwidth as well shortly. If so, I'll be mific there as well I imagine.

Currently I'm completing a 20K Sirius/Remus fic for Big Bang Blackout, and then will do art for other writers in BBB as well. And I've got a Harry/Draco (largely Draco/Draco actually) longish one-shot underway, which I'm kind of excited about. Cunning plot, which is unlike me! And the art's a bit exciting as well, it being NC-17-ish  *grin*.

And so to bed. Sadly, without Harry, Draco, Cedric, Sirius or Remus. Damn. Or indeed Edward, Jasper or Jake.
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