June 4th, 2009


Win yourself an artwork if you're quick to comment!

OK, this is the meme going around recently.

remuslives23 posted it and I won the chance to get a drabble written by her, which was an excellent James II/Scorpius number called Obvious (thanks again!)

And now on we go   (maybe - I'm new here so probably no-one's going to see this but I'll give it a go...)

So, the meme:
The next five people to comment on this post (on dreamwidth or LJ to max. of 5 across both) get to request an artwork of any pairing/character of their choosing. I think we'd better stick to HP but I can do Twilight if you want.

Then once you get the art from me, you post the meme in your journal, this time offering the first five commenters a drabble. If you like - not compulsory to keep the meme going, of course.

The art will likely be a drawble, i.e. an ink drawing rather than a full-colour work, as I'm not quickdraw McGraw and have the Big Bang deadline soon, and an ongoing Twi WIP weekly, amongst other silliness. Feel free to give me a prompt about the drawble of your pairing, or else I'll invent something. Any rating's OK. Gulp.