June 21st, 2009


Archive of my old Original Art

About the art

Here’s an archive of some of my old original art from the past. Several things will be apparent if you look through it:
- I’m a complete amateur with no formal training
- I can’t draw all that accurately and I don’t really give a rat’s ass about anatomical correctness etc.
- I have an unusual mind.
Most of these old pics are a lot odder than my fanart which has to date been fairly straightforward and figurative. My natural bent tends towards the slightly surreal, though, so I think I’ll veer in that direction again, at some point.

If you use or reproduce any of my pictures, please credit them to:  Fizz (aka mific of livejournal and dreamwidth)

I haven't rated the individual works, as most are G. But one or two would qualify as PG-13 or R for nudity or bizarreness

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