February 22nd, 2010

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Trouble with Gnomes

Title: Trouble with Gnomes
Author: mific
Category: Hmmm. In theory this is original fic, but it’s actually fanfiction about my parents. I mean, it’s just like RPF and was identical to fanfiction to write, building in little references and quirks that only someone familiar with the “canon” would really get.
I wrote this story as a tribute on Valentine’s Day, as they’ve been together since they were both 15 and in high school. Naturally I’ve changed their names before posting the story. For any non-Kiwis reading it, Hokitika and Oamaru are fairly insular South Island provincial towns and Kaiapoi is a small farming community near Christchurch, where the story is set. Brigadoon is a hideous private house near my parents’ place, with a garden full of statues, gnomes, bird baths and bright, clashing flowers.  A 'dairy' is a  corner grocery store, and this is a cabbage tree.
Rating: Gen
Wordcount: 1620
Summary: "Oh for-" said Mary. "Where are all my damn tulips going?" 

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