January 6th, 2011


Art: Another Old Master Discovered (famous works series #2)

I started this kick after doing the Burne-Jones picture here for [personal profile] neevebrody as part of SGA Art Santa 2010. She wanted a romantic mcshep and it's certainly that. But you know, they keep finding these hitherto unknown paintings by famous artists, so I thought I'd better bring them to your attention as they crop up... (likely to be about once a week across January!)

Click on the thumbnail below for the full picture

(moderate naked Sheppard showing so I guess not completely SFW)

Another Mission Snafu
This study was painted by El Greco in 1597, then later modified into the better known "St Martin of Tours" work. Clearly the boys had been messing about with that time-traveling puddlejumper again. John's been in the wars of course, and why do the locals always take his clothes? No prizes for guessing that one. Good to see Rodney's talents being recognised by appropriate transport and accessories, for once. 

Here's the reference work if you're interested: El Greco