January 13th, 2011


Art: A New Artwork Discovered (famous works series #3)

So here's yet another hitherto unknown painting by a well-known artist that's been discovered. A more modern artist, this time.
It's another in my "famous works" series. The two others already posted are a "Burne-Jones" picture here and an "El Greco" one here.

Click on the thumbnail below for the full picture

(Not SFW, moderate nakedness)

Shore leave in California
David Hockney must have caught the boys relaxing in Nick's pool while on leave in California. John seems to be enjoying the view, but I do hope Rodney's got SPF100 on that ass. Hockney of course went on to do a number of these California pool paintings, including the well-known "Peter getting out of Nick's Pool".

Here are the reference works if you're interested: Hockneys