January 19th, 2011

Bugged John

Art: New Artworks Discovered (famous works series #4)

So here are yet more hitherto unknown paintings by a well-known artist that have been discovered. One of the Surrealists, this time.
They're the next installment in my "famous works" series. The others already posted are a "Burne-Jones" picture here , an "El Greco" one here and a Hockney one here.

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magritte John sheppard    magritte rodney mckay

Feeling a Little Strange
Again with the time-traveling puddlejumper, and back to René Magritte's time in the early C20th. With typical Surrealistic alienation, the boys are depicted separately this time. John's either having problems with the quantum mirror acting up, or maybe he just doesn't want to talk about his feelings. Rodney's contemplating his nemesis. In the later work after this study, Magritte used an apple, but this is obviously where he got the fruit idea...

Here are the reference works if you're interested: Magrittes