January 22nd, 2011

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Happy Birthday Busaikko! (SGA fanart)

This is a present for [personal profile] busaikko, as I promised her a fic for her work pinch-hitting in sga_santa because pinch-hitters don't always get a gift themselves. [personal profile] rabidfan did write her a gift fic, though, so instead, I thought I'd do [personal profile] busaikko an illustration for one of her fics, Dulce Domum, the first of her OT3 Jennifer, Rodney and John stories. Not that I'm pushing for more in the series or anything *crosses fingers behind back*. Because [personal profile] busaikko wrote FIVE pinch-hits in the end, one on Christmas Day, and because it happens to be her birthday today (in this time zone anyway!). Hope it's a good day. 

Here's the picture:  After the State Fair  (the fridge at the Mckay/Keller/Sheppard household)

Digital manip in photoshop. Safe for work.

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Art vs Writing vs Podfic (fandom has eaten my life)

I had a fic blowout across Christmas, and since then I've been more on an art binge. Podfic for Podbang preceded the writing splurge. 
So I was thinking about how I react differently to them all. I get most caught up in the art, spending hours at the computer sometimes and not noticing while I obsessively work on some detailed piece. It seems to flow more easily once I get the initial idea, and then after it's "finished" there'll be a couple of days of obsessive self-betaing and tweaking of details. I've never used an art beta - I'm pretty crap at organizing betas at all, but especially for art, as I tend to see art as more inherently idiosyncratic and less bound by rules (like grammar and spelling). 
I was thinking that since I enjoy doing the art so much I should do more, but I do still love writing and recording (and let's not even think about RL work, as if my employers knew how much of my energies go into fandom stuff I might not have a job!). 

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Anyway, the obvious problem with all this is that I am experiencing only recursive self-referential stimuli so I'm a little worried that I'll miss out on new and exciting fandoms because I don't read novels or watch TV. Still, that's what flists are for, eh? It worked for Inception and BBC Sherlock! Plus I just discovered trinityofone's booklog posts which are excellent for weeding out most books on the list as things with no appeal to me, so they can be ignored without guilt.  (Because they're not fanfiction...*slinks off to read some more*)