January 30th, 2011

John-Rodney sad

Art: New Artworks Discovered (famous works series #5)

So here's yet another hitherto unknown painting by a well-known artist that's been discovered. This time it's by Albrecht Dürer.
It's the latest installment in my "famous works" series. The others already posted are a "Burne-Jones" picture here , an "El Greco" one here, a Hockney one here, and two Magrittes here.

Click on the thumbnail below for the picture

(NSFW - nudity camouflaged by a few strategic leaves)

Durer McShep

Trouble in Paradise
And here they are again, stuck in the 16th Century in the usual dense woodland. This time the locals have stolen all their clothes and the boys are hopelessly lost and getting tetchy. Rodney's sure he can locate Ronon and Teyla with his scanner, but John's determined to hitch to the gate. They might want a couple of leafier branches when they arrive in the gateroom, though...
Dürer was clearly still thinking of the boys when he finalized his Adam and Eve engraving from this preliminary study, because Eve does look just a tiny bit masculine - although I reckon Rodney's better looking. And apologies to Rodney for camping him up, but someone had to be the girl...

Here's the reference work if you're interested: Dürer

(and no, I'm not going to keep flogging this theme much longer, there's just one more in the series)