February 5th, 2011

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Art: New Artwork Discovered (famous works series #6)

So here's yet another hitherto unknown painting by a well-known artist that's been discovered. This time it's an American classic by Edward Hopper.
It's the latest installment in my "famous works" series. The others already posted are a "Burne-Jones" picture here , an "El Greco" one here, a Hockney one here, two Magrittes here, and a Dürer here.


Click on the link below for the picture. Click on the main image for a close-up, since in this painting the boys are some distance away. SAFE FOR WORK
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Java Time
And here they are again, in a detective noir verse like 
[personal profile] aesc's A Face That Nobody Knows or [personal profile] leyna's wonderful SGA noir art. Edward Hopper painted this late-night study of the boys grabbing some java while on a case back in 1942, but the final version was more conventional in its pairings. 

Here's the reference work if you're interested:

(OK, so that's it with this series for now, but who knows what other "famous works" might someday come to light...)