February 22nd, 2011


Christchurch - my old hometown devastated

I'm from Christchurch (now in Auckland) and my Mum and Dad are still down there. Mum is OK - I managed to call her on an old cellphone I made her take recently. She's not very tech savvy. She was in Christchurch hospital anyway after surgery to a broken arm, and was sitting down when it hit, thank goodness, as she's frail and unsteady. Dad's in a rest home and not very well and I can't get through on any of their phones so that's worrying.

In theory I have a ticket to fly down this Friday, prearranged. But - not sure if the airport will be open again by then, or if they'll honour prior bookings, or how I would travel about the city if I do get there. I usually use the buses but they will be out for weeks with the CBD being trashed. I don't even know if my parents' home is OK  or damaged - it was in a badly hit area of town, and there's a bottleneck bridge to it at Ferrymead which is impassable. May be another roadway around but it's really hard to find out. Also no idea if there'll be taxis or rental cars if I do get there, and there's no water, and power's still out. I haven't decided what to do.

Apart from hugging my cat and having a cup of tea.