December 24th, 2011


SGA gifts, woot!

Yet another year when I have failed at journaling, as opposed to posting works *vows to do better*.

But it's the seasonal gift exchanges, and I've been excited to receive a lovely fic and art, for the SGA santa festivals.

The fic is The Natural Order of Things and it's a sweet and hot BDSM tale, with Rodney setting up a scene for John - just the thing for Christmas ;)

The art was a lovely basket of artworks titled Ensemble featuring Woolsey/Sheppard (as in the marvellous kinkmeme fic "Slide"), Teyla plus John and Ronon, a fairytale scene with John and Rodney, and AR-1 in a lovely action-portrait. All great pieces, and all really different which was excellent.

Yay for presents - thanks again to the talented creators!