December 25th, 2011


Recs !!

Okay, so with my new journaling mojo still ramped up, have some recs.

sga santa art
these especially stood out for me (other than my gift art which I already posted about so won't go on about again, although I could!):

Holiday Traditions & Unwind Lovely art about the sga women - great drawing and colouring.
Renaissance Men Rodney as Da Vinci! John's bits discretely behind an easel! Again, excellent drawing skills.
Dinner for Two Deeply cute C19th period mcshep piece. Rodney's face is hilarious.
All Tied Up Ostensibly beefcake BDSM wallpaper with whip!John and stroppy-sub!Rodney - completely hilarious.
Gravitas Very nice troubled!John manip, hot colours.
Wishing You Were Here Lovely sweet-sad mood - a Lorne/Zelenka manip.

sga santa fics

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