January 5th, 2012


Flist tidying

Hi all - not that anyone will be bothered, but if I defriended you on LJ it's just that I'm consolidating my flist wherever possible across at DW. I'll have already friended you across there. 

Fandom Appreciation Challenge - 3 SGA recs

This is a short recs list for the sga_saturday Fandom Appreciation Challenge - because I can manage this but not the whole month of the snowflake challenge. Three completely disparate recs, in different media.

Podfic of mira's I am Your Image, Dressed as the World by rheanna. Rheanna does a superb reading, and her accent is so cool. And it's one of my absolute fave SGA stories, as well.

Story by Rinsbane - really I'm reccing all her fic, but I'm specifically mentioning Unto Jerusalem here, because the writing and the concept's just amazing - allusive and intense and almost poetic without being at all unclear.

Art featuring Ronon Dex: (both are SFW) Because, RONON!
Ronon action portrait by lucky-bamboo on Deviant Art
and, just for shits and giggles: