January 8th, 2012


Fic Round-up 2011

Not as much fic as art across the past year, as I find it more taxing and it takes me a lot longer. All the links are to the AO3. 

No podfic at all this year, as it takes me so long to edit and I haven't quite figured out if I can record podfic with someone else in the house. (Answer is of course, yes, just do it after midnight when you do everything else!) 

McShep Match 2011
Pegasus Games
Darker Drabbles (warning: 'Time to Go' contains major character death)
Those Skeevy Ancients

Where the Wild Things Are  - my Mcshep Match fic for Team Sheppard

SGA_reversebang 2011
Desert Rose (the fic, written for the lovely artwork Desert Rose by mella68)

SGA saturday
Collateral damage (Prompt: coffee)
Rain Dance (Prompt: rain)
Safely Orange (Prompt: orange)

Remix redux 9: Love Potion No. Nine
A Weapon Against the Wraith (SGA: a Teyla-centric character exploration set up to the end of Rising). A remix of City of Dreams by [personal profile] secondalto 

Turn Me Off (kink: sleepy/unconscious sex)
Second Chance (a sonnet. I know, what?) (kink: crossdressing)
Second Chance (the prose remix) (also posted on remix goes wild)
The Case of the Disappearing Oxfords (kink: shoe fetish)


Before the 2010 round closed, I added a late fic for my medical kink square, hoping to still get an X pattern. The full pattern never eventuated, but here's the fic, anyway.  Call Me Doctor (Sherlock Holmes (ACD), medical kink)
In 2011 it was an all-art bingo, but I managed the December mini-challenge with an all-haiku SGA blackout - 25 SGA haiku. 

Apocalypse Kree (Stargate apocafic)
Nadezda (SGA, Radek/Chuck/Carolyn) survival of minor characters when the heroes are lost or missing. Not entirely without hope, and Radek gets his pigeons as well as Chuck and Carolyn, as consolation. 

Femslash 11
The matching and fandom choices in this fest forced me to write outside my usual fandoms, which was fun. I did The Pantomime Job (Leverage, Parker/Sophie), and couldn't resist doing art to go with the fic. 

SGA Secret Santa 

What You Always Wanted (for [personal profile] telesilla )
Aliens Made Them Fuck It Up (last minute gift for pinch hitter [personal profile] peet4paint )