September 14th, 2012


The good news, then the bad news (well, more stupid than bad)

I am, as ever, the world's worst journaller.
Stuff has happened in the eon since I last posted any sort of catch-up.

Most excitingly for me, one of my Sherlock kink stories has been podficced by Glittertine: The Case of the Disappearing Oxfords  \o/ \o/ !! (I made cover art and an audiobook)

I managed to finish my McShep_Match SGA story even though it was a dreadful rush at the deadline and left me a bit unsatisfied that I didn't have time to write the ending better, but I was literally faceplanting with exhaustion on the keyboard after too little sleep. It's An Unreliable Narrative, on AO3.

Busaikko and I collaborated on a work in the Podtogether challenge: Carry Me Home (SGA) (also on AO3 and note the warning, it's a horror story). It's a wonderfully creepy story and I got to do lots of fun sound-effects when I was recording it. This also marks me gradually getting back into doing some podficcing again.

And I did the illustrations for Omorka's story Through Fire and Rain (Real Ghostbusters fandom) in the 2012 Sci-Fi Big Bang - which was great fun as I got to do art with a fire demon and australopithecines. Art on AO3 (SFW)

Things I've completed which aren't posted yet: Primary artworks for the C6D Big Bang in the Slings and Arrows fandom (Geoffrey/Darren), and two artworks for "season six" (SGA).

On the down side: totally overcommitted, as usual  /o\ ! #@#!
I have a pending deadline for my ABB fic (I'll make it, but once again there won't be a lot of sleeping done as the 11th hour approaches), plus two beta-reading jobs for ABB, plus I haven't done a thing for Kink Bingo so it's looking like I'll have to do amnesty works, and, um, I also kind of might have signed on for Apocalypse Kree. Oh, and the Poly Big Bang, but that one I may have to drop, even though it's only a 10,000 word minimum, because this is getting ridiculous. Did I mention RL work's been really busy as well? *hides*

So, I guess that's one reason I haven't been journalling very much...