October 27th, 2012


Dear Yuletide Author

Hi there! Okay, so I made three requests. I'm hoping you know at least one of these, but here's a bit more info about them.

1. The Eagle | Eagle of the Ninth (2011) (movie ref ref ref)
I'd love a Marcus and Esca fic - anything from an NC-17 pairing to a gen friendship story. As in my sign-up, I'd especially like something featuring domesticity and humor, if at all possible. Maybe animal husbandry? I'm pretty sure they'd both be crap at that, especially Marcus. But feel free to write action/adventure or angst, whatever you feel like. I'm happy with any rating, but if it's primarily a sex scene or kink fic, I'd prefer there to be some character development or exploration in it, not just PWP.

2. Withnail & I (1986) (movie ref ref ref)
I love this movie, possibly as it reminds me of my own wildish youth although I doubt I destroyed quite as many brain cells as Withnail and Marwood. I'd definitely like a slashy relationship for these guys - romance or something decidedly NC-17. I'm thinking they could well have access to mind-altering substances of an aphrodisiac type, nudge nudge. I can also definitely see them as kinky - anything'd be fine with me, I'm don't have any major squicks. However, while H/C or angst is fine, given that the movie ending was kind of sad, I'd love a happier final outcome for the boys in the fic. But as with all of these requests, whatever you'd like to write will be gratefully accepted.

3. A Land Fit for Heroes - Richard Morgan (fantasy series - books: The Steel Remains ebook and The Cold Commands ebook)
Archeth, Egar and Ringil are the main characters. I'd prefer a slash or femslash pairing, so feel free to partner Archeth up as in the books and write me a scene, or more about Ringil and Ishgrim. Happy for Egar to remain het but if you want to broaden his horizons a bit by slashing him Ringil, go for it - I'd be very curious to see what might bring them together! As I said in the sign-up, I'm up for most things - drama, humor, action/adventure, an NC-17 scene, whatever. The Steel Remains is the most read, being longest published, but if you know both books, any aspect is fine with me.

Overall - I'd probably prefer it not to be too bleak and sad - I struggle a bit with deathfic and heavy whump, especially H/C that's almost all H and very little C. But if it's well-written I can read pretty much anything. I'm fine with crossovers and fusions, and with AUs, fine with any rating and with fantasy elements. I'm less keen on extreme crack or fluff, but I do love humor. Bottom line is that I hope you have fun with it and I'll be happy with whatever you'd like to do. Thank you!