December 6th, 2012


Yuletart is posting

[community profile] yuletart 2012 is posting, yay! It's a seasonal art gift exchange, with an artwork posted each day, and my (genderbent Sherlock) gift for [personal profile] frek is up already - as below.

Title: A Quiet Discussion
Media Used: digital painting created in photoshop
Rating: G
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Warnings: none. SFW.
Summary: Joan and Sherlock in the aftermath of a case.
Notes: I was thrilled to get this prompt for Frek as I especially wanted to try my hand at some femlock. About the technique - I'm into this digital crayon-scratch thing at the moment - like kids' crayon-scratch pictures but with photoshop layers. I had fun with this - hope you like it.