December 17th, 2012


This Means Bears!

Eeeek. Bears are breathing down my Yuletide neck. A quick check - is there anyone on my flist who knows "This Means War" (stupid movie, lovely stars, idiotic but occasionally funny script)? I'm writing it for Yuletide and trying to find someone to do a last minute beta-read. Won't be long - under 5000 words - probably well under. Pairings are FDR/Tuck slash and FDR/Lauren het. There's a bit of angst, and no Lauren-bashing. Trouble is, I'm so late completing it that I won't have it ready for reading until 18th Dec (USA-ish zones), and the Yuletide deadline's 20th Dec EST.
So I know this is a really long shot, but any help would be gratefully received, even if you don't know the canon (I can summarize the plot in about 2 sentences).