December 30th, 2012

Stiles riding hood

Life Class - Yuletart artwork (Teen Wolf, NSFW)

Title: Life Class
For: Kjeri
Media Used: digital painting in photoshop
Rating: R (implied nudity). NSFW
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Warnings: none
Summary: Derek likes modeling for Life Class. He likes looking at Stiles. He likes being seen.
Notes: Art about artists at work - always an irresistible prompt.  I made this for Yuletart 2012, for Kjeri's prompt: "Art School AU: Stiles the student, Derek the life drawing model." (also on AO3)

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Seasonal Stuff

Oof! The seasonal fests are posting or posted, and I'm feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of amazing work out there to catch up with. Haven't finished about half of the SGA Santa fics, have hardly read any of the due South Seekrit Santa stories, and have only dipped randomly into Yuletide. And all the while, other people are posting marvellous things as well, like the latest chapter of Wordstrings' Sherlock WIP 'All the Best and Brightest Creatures', and the latest chapter of Shaenie's burning hot Tony/Steve D/s series 'Don't Look too Closely (all the angles are oblique)', and Kariye's Kirk/Spock story 'For Gladness of You'.

And I have gifts! (writer and artist names to come after reveals)

In due South Seekrit Santa I was given a lovely Renfield Turnbull & Dief story which is cute and funny, and ultimately a little sad, as Turnbull can't get past his innate speciesism: Four Ways Turnbull and Dief Spend Time Together and One Way They Didn't by [personal profile] sam_gamgee  (G, Gen)

In SGA Santa: A wonderful piece of additional canon during The Return, back on Earth, with John all messed up about what they've lost, then finding some comfort: You Can't Go Home (But You Don't Have to Stay Here) by [personal profile] whizzy  (Gen, PG)

In SGA Art Santa: A marvellous screencap comic that'd be the BEST pitch ever to Hollywood for a movie. I would watch the hell out of it! Assassins by [personal profile] trillingstar  (John/Ronon/guns, PG)

In Yuletide: An Esca/Marcus after-the-movie fic (The Eagle/ Eagle of the Ninth) which is domestic and gorgeous: what makes the cornfield smile by [personal profile] nehme 

And I already squeed about the amazing Yuletart art [personal profile] leyna did for my SGA prompt about both John and Rodney flying: Death Gliders.

In other news, I'm mid-way through art for the Flyboys Cam/John gift exchange. First I liked it but now I'm having second thoughts: bother! Probably needs dinosaurs to fix it. Or tentacles. Maybe both.

And I've had a small art blowout for Yuletart, with one work already posted, an extra work that's just gone up and a third to come soon. I seem to go troppo in some fest or other each year, getting totally carried away with several works. Viz:
  • A Yuletide story then 3 Yuletide treasure shortfics in 2010
  • An art blowout in Dark Agenda's Kaleidoscope fest in 2011 with 6 pieces
  • Five John/Cam stories in January 2012 for last year's Flyboys exchange.
This polyfandomry is distracting!

In other news, my cat, Possum, got a box of just the right size for Christmas. He's very happy with it. And I accidentally took this photo on my phone, which I've decided is the towers of Atlantis, surfacing. What? It so is! (Plus I saw a building with a big gen-i sign on it. Worrying.)

I'll do an annual round-up soon for 2012, probably just after New Year.
*** Have a good New Year's eve, everyone ***
It's more imminent for me than for many of you, also, summer here, but I won't torture the northerners with any details!

ETA: authors' names after the reveals