January 25th, 2013


Up Goer Five Meme: due South Explained

So there's this meme going around, that uses the Up Goer Five text editor. The text editor (inspired by an XKCD cartoon) only lets you write with the 1000 most used words (and their derivatives), and people are having a crack at describing their fandoms. Here's [personal profile] rydra_wong 's post with everyone's attempts and the links to the Up Goer Five text editor and cartoon.

I've had a go at due South:

The show is about a good man from up where it's very cold. His father's parents loved books and brought him up to do the right thing. His job with the police is to stop bad people getting away with being bad, and to help others. He's very good at it. His friend is a half dog who saved his life. The half dog's ears don't work but they still talk all the time. He keeps the good man in line and they save each other's lives.

The good man's father is killed by a bad man from a city down past the big water. The good man and his half dog go to the warmer city to catch the bad man, and they meet a man in the police there who wears strange colored clothes and has a cool car. His job is also to stop bad people getting away with being bad, and he thinks he's hard but he's soft inside. His family are huge and they talk all the time, and he and the good man from the cold place become friends. The good man from the cold place does catch the bad men who killed his father but he stays in the warmer city as a lot of people in the cold place are angry with him. He works in the office of the cold place, with several strange people. His father talks to him quite often, even though he's dead, which isn't a lot of help.

After a while, the man who wears strange colored clothes goes away to catch even worse bad people, and the good man gets to be friends with the man they put in his place. This man has weird hair and a cool car, and the half dog cleans his ears a lot with his tongue. They all save each other's lives and the half dog eats bad food and likes it. The man with weird hair and the good man from the cold place aren't alone any more, and they do exciting things together and catch lots of bad people.

In the end they all go back to the cold place and do a big trip up where it's even colder. We like to think they're happy together now, in a small house made from wood with a fire to keep out the cold, even if the half dog misses the bad food from the city.

Thank you in a kind way.