May 3rd, 2013


Have some podfic! Five SGA stories

I know SGA's not such an "in" fandom these days but it's still my favourite, so, damn it, that's mostly where I'm going to be recording podfic. I love that even if the popularity of SGA isn't a patch on the new shinies, we can still revitalize it by recording the wonderful fic people have written - there's so much that's never been podficced, and always room for extra versions.

I podficced 5 short fics for my Trope Bingo line. I had a ton of fun, and slightly subverted the tropes in the "AU:space" and "kiss to save the day" ones, but it's all good.

Here's my master post in Trope Bingo with links to each one. All can be downloaded or streamed at the AO3. I'll crosspost to the Amplificathon and SGA Podfic comms once I get a moment. I did:

here is a secret that everyone knows (SGA, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, au:other - "cut off from Earth") (fic by sabinelagrande)
slip the surly bonds of earth (SGA, gen, au:space - NASA actually) (fic by thedeadparrott)
Booty (SGA, gen, holiday - Halloween) (fic by Arduinna)
Quartet (SGA, Rodney/Katie and pre-slash John/Rodney, a bodyswap reworking of Duet) (fic by GloriaMundi)
The (Almost) First Defenstration of Atlantis (SGA, Radek Zelenka/Rodney McKay, kiss to save the day) (fic by Telesilla)

And as an extra for Quartet, I just now added a mix of the music in it. So here's a link to a music mix of the four tracks used to demarcate each of the four POVs in "Quartet". I had fun choosing these - largely based on the sound but with a few other resonances, and they needed to be instrumentals as well, so as not to distract.
  • Teyla - 'Pavane for a Dead Princess' (cover by Eumir Deodato so a jazzier, more disjointed version to reflect that she's fractured).
  • Rodney - 'Symphony No. 9 (Scherzo)' by Beethoven. It worked for Rodney as it's clever and a bit frantic. (it's a segment in the mix - not the entire work)
  • John - Johnny Cash's cover of 'Hurt' by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. Lyrics here. Yeah - too dark for John really, but I couldn't resist the combination of Johnny Cash and Reznor's darkness.
  • Ronon - "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica - the 'unplugged' acoustic version. Lyrics here. I know they're way too optimistic for Ronon as he is then, but the story's partly about him first beginning to trust the Altanteans a little - enough to decide to stay. And we know it's where he'll be in the end, in the team, his quartet. I also used this as the end-music for the podfic.


Next SGA podfic project is for my Big Bang - the theme is "cowboys"! I'm really looking forward to it, and again, I get to play with some music. :)