November 16th, 2014


Dear Ante-Up Losers Exchange Creator Letter

As you know, I asked for something featuring Jake, Cougar, and Aisha. Fine if they're in a relationship whether that be as a couple or even a threesome, and obviously including gen (teammates, friends). Obviously fine to include all the Losers or you can mainly focus on the characters I mentioned. I like AUs as well as canon-linked works, so basically I'll be delighted with whatever you want to do. However, while I don't want to limit your options at all (so feel free to ignore this next bit) it does help sometimes to have some more specific prompts, so here are a few ideas (some are adapted from last year's letter).

- A canon fix-it where Aisha's only pretending to double-cross the Losers and saves the day in the end
- An AU fix-it as there's more scope in AUs to change the plot a bit and have a happier ending
- Undercover AU - what if Jake and Aisha or Cougar and Aisha had to go undercover in suburbia - I guess as surveilling someone? How badly would they suck at pretending to be Mr and Mrs Average? How would their actual personalities leak out in hilarious blunders as they try (and fail) to pass for "normal" in the neighborhood? What if Jake and Cougar were actually in a relationship and trying not to let the neighbours think there was a threesome next door?
- A Wild West historical AU based on Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but with Aisha properly part of the gang (I think Jake'd be Butch!)

But seriously - whatever you want to do is fine with me, just have fun! I really don't have any important "do not wants" and although the suggestions up above tend towards happier/hopeful endings, I'm fine with a comics-canon compliant work as I love the comics and can cope with their darker themes and ending.