April 16th, 2015


Some better things

The ebooks-tree thing seems to be winding up - they're a site that had taken loads of fanfic download file links wholesale from AO3 and who were charging users to download them. They had over 40 of mine, half of the files being art and a podfic, so ridiculously random. Today, after a flood of removal demands by other creators there are none under my name and others are saying their fic has also been removed. AO3 has added code to stop them nicking files.

I arranged to meet a good friend tomorrow which will be lovely but I'll cry when I see her, and I've been trying not to, in front of Mum. Probably need to though. Lots of hugs in store, which will be good.

A little ego-boost. A fellow fan of the "Land Fit for Heroes" fantasy trilogy by Richard K. Morgan for which I wrote Five Ways Ringil Eskiath Learned to Fight let me know that RKM tweeted about finding fanfic and reading it. Someone asked him where it was and he tweeted the AO3 link to my story. It's...amazing, but also kind of weird to know that the author of a canon I've written in has read my fic - and from the tweets he found the experience a bit odd too!
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