May 6th, 2015


Pressing on, art, and a signal boost

Back into work, and gradually getting things organised at home. It's going okay but sometimes I just get very tired - mind you, a lot of that's chronic sleep deprivation, so I'm trying to get more of that. Um, get more SLEEP, sheesh.

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Looking ahead, I'm signed on for the C6D/Due South Big Bang (a Dief-centric comic is the plan), and I'm planning to sign up to do a fic in The Losers Big Bang. If you're at all into The Losers, come on over and join in as a primary work creator, or do a complement, or beta or cheerlead - it's always a fun Big Bang. Here's a banner I made, with the link to the brainstorming "party post" about the various primary projects:

The bunny that bit me is for an "Ocean's Eleven" type of heist/con story where Clay needs a larger team and after recruiting the Losers, adds in the Leverage crew - the numbers happen to add up to 11 so that seemed like a sign! (of me being crazy, most likely...)

So that's me, for now. How are you guys?