May 7th, 2015



I like taking part in the Remix and have done so 2 or 3 times. I enjoy the technical challenge and the forced-choice aspect, like the into-a-bar crossover challenge in some ways, or Yuletide. Last year I signed on but Mum was unwell around the deadline and I'd also taken on too many things at once, and I just...forgot. Missed the early withdrawal deadline and although I realised within 3 days and emailed the mods to say I could still post a story, my assignment had already gone to a pinch hitter. I felt shitty - first challenge deadline I've ever missed. Felt worse when the writer assigned to me posted a great remixed gift fic for me, and I'd let the side down.

And now, reading the rules, I find I'm banned from the Remix for life, no take-backs, no excuses. Those are some tough mods. Most challenges ban you for a year, then let you back in, but not the Remix. I could do my own remixed fic(s) for anyone who puts their fics into the ring in Remix Madness of course, but it wouldn't have that forced choice thing going, and anyway, I'm kind of pouty about the whole damn thing. Childish, but there it is.