August 20th, 2015


A grammar rant and signal-boost recs

Minor irritations:
  • Tiny ants occasionally wandering over my laptop screen despite there being no food source nearby. Scouts? None live to tell the tale.
  • I'm almost over a bout of flu, other than random dry coughing attacks.
  • a seemingly endless work task that's taken way too long because it's difficult, tedious and was impossible to do with flu-brain.
Grammar-thoughts. There's a risk I'm going to piss off the Americans on my flist or dwircle, but whatever; I was thinking about this. I've had to teach myself to write USA English as my main fandom (SGA) mostly requires that. Writing Sherlock fic's almost a relief but I'm not as cathected to John and Sherlock as I am to John and Rodney. Don't know if it's loyalty or stubbornness.
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Recs: I've read a few things lately - some recommended by friends - and I want to signal-boost here.
[personal profile] luzula reccd "The Blue Castle" by L. M. Montgomery (of 'Anne of Green Gables' fame). It's old, so free as a pdf from Project Gutenberg and I made it into an e-book, cover and all. Old-fashioned but enormously engaging and charming. As Luzula said, a great comfort-read. It's het, of course.

[personal profile] sholio recommended the Werewolf Marine books by Lia Silver and I read "Prisoner" and really liked it. I'm going to read the other two next. Not sure where else they're available, but Amazon's one place. Het, but even a slash-fiend like me found the main character DJ hugely likeable - also bonus music recs in the story, so that was unexpected fun.

Word about [personal profile] astolat's "Fast and Furious" fics is out, so you probably know about them. I've been enjoying them a lot.

And then a couple of stories I discovered and for some reason hadn't read, back in the day, by [personal profile] liketheriver.
Playing Nice in the Sandbox is an SGA/Sherlock crossover so ideal for me as I'm into both fandoms.
And The Pegasus Device is an SGA WWII detective story, also a lot of fun.

Finally, I read and enjoyed the 8th novel in the SGA spin-off Legacy series, "Third Path" (also on Amazon). I re-read "Unascended", the 7th novel, to get back in the swing, and I think it made this one more enjoyable as these two are a unit, plot-wise. The 7th and 8th books have been entirely gen, with none of the John/Teyla ship that the 6th book veered into. I think I read somewhere that this is the last in the series? Guess we'll see.