December 9th, 2015

Try Hard

Three good things

A very brief update with three better news things, yay!

Possum is fully recovered, putting back on the weight he lost and is fluffy once more. *hugs him*

I finished and posted my due South Seekrit Santa story (as yet unrevealed) and am pretty happy with it. Not a trope I'd done before and barely touched on in the fandom, which made it interesting and fun to work out. I like taking ludicrous tropes and trying to make them play out in the "real" world of canon. Well, to a degree - let's not get carried away with the pretend realism here and take all the fun out of it.

I panicked about Yuletide yesterday, wrote a false start of 300 words, hated it, then wrote 800 words that I like. And as part of that, the direction it went in showed me what I want to do with the story overall, and what the theme will be. Sheesh - flying by the seat of my pants as usual, but sometimes that's what works for me. Whew. 

(In slightly less shiny news my Sga Santa fic is progressing OK but insists on being looong. Am at 10,000 and it will most likely get to almost 20,000, yikes. Personal (and beta) deadline is the 15th, so am trying to do it alongside the Yuletide fic, or on alternate days, omg.)

Hope you're all surviving the seasonal rush. *waves*