December 16th, 2015


Quick Beta on the 19th anyone?

Hi all - I am head down and scribbling furiously, whew! Have finished my due South santa fic and just done the SGA one as well (both way longer than I was intending, OMG) and am now lurching onward with my Yuletide one.
Yuletide's always a bit tricky for betas - small fandoms and all that - so I thought I'd ask if there's anyone reading this who could beta my 'Only Lovers Left Alive' fic (hopefully under 5000 words) - set in Elizabethan England and will involve sonnets (although that may be a disincentive for some, rather than an inducement!)
Anyway - I'm afraid it'll be very close to the deadline, like on the 19th (deadline being 20th) but that's NZ-time so I guess very slightly earlier in non-antipodean places. 
If you can help, PM me your email if you don't think I'd have it - and thanks heaps in advance.